Bridal Skincare

Starting your skincare routine when it comes to your special day can never be started too soon

Looking after your skin is so important when it comes to the applying your makeup. For your wedding day and even your general day to day routine, a good skincare routine is crucial to make sure the makeup stays put and you achieve a flawless base. The makeup sinks into skin when it is well hydrated. If you have any dryness the makeup can seem to be more visible on the dry areas. Whereas if it is well cared for on the run up to the big day the makeup will stay nice and smooth.  The skin prep needs to be done weeks even months in advance of your wedding.

First of all you need to moisturise, cleanse and tone twice a day (EVERY DAY). Exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week. A good eye cream is also recommended twice a day also. *Only use a toner if you have oily skin this is not essential for everyone.

Skincare routine:

• Apply your chosen cleanser
• Tone – If you have oily skin
• Apply serum
• Apply moisturiser
• Apply eye cream
• Use an exfoliator every week.

If you feel you suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles, Getting a good sleep each night will also minimise this. Drinking lots of water will also keep the skin around your eyes nicely hydrated.

Stress levels can rise leading up to your wedding and cause breakouts, many of my brides mention this to me. Invest in a meditation app or try some form of exercise that helps you de stress. This will help keep your mind calm and relaxed.

I may sound like a lot to do, but once your routine becomes a habit, it will not take you longer than 5 minutes each morning and evening. The results will be very worth it, not just for your special day but for the future as well.